Monday, September 21, 2009

Greenville Bear Hugs

One of Mommy's favorite places to eat in college was Wild Wing Cafe.
Fortunately for us, Greenville, SC just next to Grandma and Grandpa's has one!
September 21st we went for lunch and a stroll through the shops downtown.
Kennedy turned her water cup upside down all over herself in the stroller.
Of course she chose to do this on a day where Mommy didn't have a change of clothes with us, and it was getting chillier and chillier.
Luckily, one of our planned stops was Mast General Store.
We ended up finding a cute onsie for Kennedy and kept her in the sling with Mommy to keep her bare legs warm.
Madison even found a mouse!

If you didn't click the link above, I highly recommend you do now.
It's a super cool project.

After lunch and naps the girls ran around Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

It rained for several days leading up to this, so these little monkeys were happy to be outside playing.

They wore themselves out and spent some time swinging with the garden ducks they 'borrowed' from Grandma.
Did you see Kennedy's cute onsie?
It is the back of a bear with the paws wrapped around to her back.
She's getting a big Bear Hug!

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