Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visiting Jen and 8

While we were in Kissimmee in September Mommy got to visit with her friend, Jennifer Spence at her new house.
Jen and her fiancee, Kenyon invited Mommy to their house for dinner.
Kenyon is a terrific Country music up and coming star. Check out his website- he has a cool throwback twangy kind of sound-think Johnny Cash.
Their relationship is just a small reminder of what a small world we live in.
Kenyon's great-grandparents were great friends of Mommy's Grandma and Grandpa Lackey.
Pop (Mommy's Dad) remembers vacationing with them when he was a little boy.
When Kenyon's Grandpa Kenyon (his namesake) passed away, it was a blessing for Kenyon to be able to move into the historic home that has been in his family for so many years.
Kenyon's parents fixed up and repainted the cute little house for Kenyon and Jen.
Mommy had a perfect evening catching up with Jen and getting to know Kenyon over dinner.
After dinner we looked around the house and the cool new deck some friends built for them.
It was dark, but we heard mooing.
Mommy thought Jen and Kenyon were joking when the said they were raising cattle.
Apparently, Kenyon not only inherited a cool old ranch house, but also a field full of cows!
As Jen and Kenyon walked me to my car we got a chance to meet '8' , their best producing Mama cow. She's still nursing a calf now (just like Mommy- tee hee) and Booger the bull.
We knew the girls would LOVE to see cows, so Jen welcomed the idea of the girls meeting her 'kids'.
September 10th we met Jen at the house during her workout to see the cows and take some pictures.
The first new friend we met was Booger the bull.

Then '8' the mama cow.
When we asked Jen how she got her name she said it was easy- she had a tag on her ear with her name on it!

Madison and Kennedy thought they were so cool!

Kennedy even started SIGNING cow!

Most of the cows were out in the field and we didn't know how they would respond to little people tromping around their pasture so we kept our visit short and moved onto taking pictures in their red, white, and blue dresses.

It was tough to get any face shots of Kennedy once she spotted the dog.

She followed him all around the yard.

Madison was insistent on bringing her new Disney Princess umbrella Mommy found at Steinmart.

See the cute house! The new red color is just perfect.

All the surrounding barns and sheds were also painted with the gorgeous red and white.
They made the perfect backdrop for our pictures.

Doesn't Miss Madison look so grown up on the big hay bale?

She thought it was so cool being so high.
Such a sweet little girl.

Kennedy didn't enjoy the hay as much as her sister.

She was easily distracted by everything around her.

Including the huge bale.

Doesn't she look so tiny up there?
After 'bale-ing' the girls out (tee hee- I couldn't resist!) we toddled back to the house
stopping at a citrus tree for more exploring.
At first, Madison wanted to pick ALL the fruit.

Luckily, she was content just to touch the not so ripe oranges.

When we got back inside we stayed to visit for a little while in the hope we could catch Kenyon when we got home from work.
Madison and Jen cuddled up on a chair together while Madison chomped down on her cup of ice.

Kennedy cruised the perfectly restored and refinished hardwood floors with her cup of ice.
Jen was so brave to let the drip water everywhere.
Mommy tried following behind them wiping up each drop, but Jen was so laid back.
She will be a terrific little Mommy one day!

It didn't take long for Kennedy to spot Madison up in the chair and try to pull herself up to join in the fun!
Mommy helped Kennedy up and the big girls enjoyed a few laughs watching the little girls interact.
Some moments were better with sharing than others.

They cracked each other up almost as much as they did the grown ups!

We ended up leaving before Kenyon got home.
The girls were great considering they skipped afternoon naps again.
Madison still asks about '8 the mama cow' whenever we see a cow somewhere.
She still says her favorite one was Booger-and she crinkles her nose and laughs every time she says his name!
Thanks for sharing your 'kids' with us, Jen!
We can't wait to go back and see them in February for the wedding.

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