Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anna Maria -Day 3

Whew...where has the time gone?!
OK, let's fly....
Day 3- Anna Maria trip....
We awoke to SUN. Glorious, warm, perfect- SUN!
So we scarfed down some yummy danish and hi-tailed it to the beach.

We shoveled

Shopped...ok, not really

but hoe cute is Kennedy dragging around this basket?!

Madison chased Uncle Matt to the shore.

Kennedy watched on, longing to follow

Pop just watched- no cast in the water

Kennedy found her hole from the day before-slightly smaller as the rain filled it in a bit

Then found the BIG shovel and tried to make another hole-how fabulous are those thighs?!

and this fanny

and these sandy toes...

I just love this baby!

and she loves the water

Uncle Matt helped entertain the girls in a shallow splashing pool

Kennedy splashed herself

then tried to drink the salty mess

what?! it's all water, right?

Meanwhile, Madison flung water everywhere else

and jumped (tell me the truth- you love the mid-air shot, don't you?)

then splashed her sister

then loved on her- such sweet girls

then splashed Uncle Matt- in the eye...lovely manners

and smiled about it.

as we packed up our toys to head back to the house, a nice local on the beach offered us his beach wagon to take the girls for a nice walk. None of his grandkids were visiting now so it was fair game to any other kids on the beach.

It was awesome

The perfect place to have our Capri Sun snack

and finish our beach play time.
Goodbye sweet house....

Thank you, Mary Helen for letting us borrow it for the weekend.
So many memories- it was perfect!

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