Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Play time with Kendall and Connor

Tuesday, September 8th we got to play with our favorite Florida friends, Kendall and Connor.
You may remember, Mommy and their Mommy, Tina, went to high school together.
Kendall is 5 months older than Madison and Connor is 2 weeks younger than Kennedy.
As usual, the older girls were quick to dress up as soon as we arrived.
Madison brought her special birthday dress up crowns to show Kendall.

Connor was more interested in the play kitchen than his friend, Kennedy at first.
Last time these two were together Kennedy was a bad influence on Connor.
She taught him how to crawl.
Tina was worried this time Kennedy would show Connor the secrets of walking- or worse, running!

Kennedy was quite content with a daisy she found in Kendall's room.

Before long the two younger kids were playing together, too.

Kendall and Madison wanted to play in the ball pit with their princess dress up.

There were plenty of other toys for Kennedy and Connor to stay busy with.
Did you see Kennedy's little wings?
She is wearing one of the cute shirts we got with Aunt Dar at the Anne Geddes store at Downtown Disney Anaheim.

(again- note the one shoe wonder)
Once the big kids vacated the balls- the younger two stepped in.
Kennedy enjoyed the balls.

Connor enjoyed Kennedy.
After a little more playing we had a quick lunch
then Kennedy borrowed Connor's crib for a nap
while everyone else got changed for the pool.
Kendall is a terrific swimmer!
She has no fear of the water.

And what a cute suit. :)

Madison, on the other hand, has recently developed a slight dependence when it comes to the water.
She had to have arm floaties AND a floaty to sit in and STILL didn't want Mommy far from her.

At first she wouldn't leave the steps.
Definitely something to work on in the coming months.

Kendall didn't let Madison's behavior keep her from enjoying the pool.

Connor had so much fun playing in the waterfalls with Tina.

With nap time rapidly approaching, we all got out of the pool.
Madison was less than thrilled to leave.
Kennedy woke up just as we needed to head out the door so Tina could put Connor down for his nap.
Kennedy was just getting his crib nice and warm for him.
Madison cried almost the entire way back to Gramm and Pop's because she was so tired and so very sad about leaving her friend, Kendall.
It didn't take her long to fall asleep when we got back to Gramm and Pop's.
We always have a great time with Kendall and Connor- our visits just never seem to be long enough.

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