Sunday, September 27, 2009

Athens Sunday

After a night like Saturday, no one was raring to go early Sunday morning.
Good thing we were not in any major hurry.
Sunday we planned to spend the afternoon and evening with Aunt Kimberly in Cornelia.
She had plans until around 2pm, which is smack in the middle of nap time so we planned to play afternoon by ear.
When we finally got going Sunday we went to Cracker Barrel for late breakfast/early lunch so we could have their famous (and inSANELY) yummy boneless fried chicken again. They only make it on Sundays.
Madison was pretty cranky so she spent most of her meal in Aunt Kristi's lap.

Which was fine with Aunt Kristi since food was not exactly the first thing on her mind.

After eating, we went back to Aunt Kristi's house.
We got a call from Aunt Kimberly that she had to stay at her brother and sister in laws shower a little later than she expected.
Daddy was cranky because he was hung over.
Mommy was cranky because she didn't get to see much of Athens-the fun shops Downtown and in Five Points, and all the Bulldog artwork.
We decided to remedy some of that with a little of the extra time we had.
We left Daddy and Uncle Keith at home to watch football-including the Steelers game- which was one of the things Daddy said he had to incorporate into his weekend- and the girls headed off to North Campus.
Madison and Kennedy got to ring the Chapel Bell.

The football field used to be on North Campus at Herty Field.
After a Georgia victory they would ring the bell all night!

Then we took a few pictures in front of the fountain at Herty Field.

Terry College of Business is on North Campus. When Mommy was in school she spent lots of time walking past all these places.
Mommy even ran through the fountain one night the week of graduation!
Then we went back to the Arch for more pictures

We made sure the girls did not walk under the Arch though.
Superstition says if you walk under the Arch before you graduate, you never will.
Even Pop steered clear when he visited years ago just in case.
It's pretty funny when school is in session to watch crowds of people walking around instead of under the Arch.

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