Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tonight as we rocked and tucked the girls in Madison said she needed medicine to make her legs stop hurting. We told her sleep would probably make them feel better.
After Madison said her prayers, rocked with Mommy (a special time we hope is not soon outgrown) and snuggled into bed, Daddy began rocking Kennedy and Mommy started to leave the room.
Madison called out softly, 'Snuggle, Mommy?'
I turned right around and curled up next to Madison.
She nestled into me and said, 'Mommy, my legs feel better. You are the medicine I needed to make my legs stop hurting'
I melted- right there into her bed.
Moments like that make all the daily madness of two strong willed little girls disappear.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer Cuts and Shopping Lists

 Kennedy's hair was getting a little scraggly. Yes, she was finally getting some length, but the top is still so short we were back to little girl mullet.
Yesterday, Mommy took her to get a new summer cut after school.
 Miss Wendy gave Kennedy a cute little bob and trimmed up her bangs.
 Now we just need to grow the rest of the top out a little so it's not always in her eyes. Hopefully she will leave clips and headbands in her hair in the meantime.
After our haircuts we met Daddy down at Costco. Mommy had a list, so the girls wanted them, too.
 Oh, did I mention I gave Madison a summer trim, too? Her slightly wavy hair is much more forgiving than Kennedy's board straight locks.
Mommy's two little Mini-mes.
Summer bobs and grocery lists.
Love it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not so

The girls are at school today. I'm at home.
It's my 'mommy day'.
Summer is fast approaching. Time to finally move more shorts into the drawers than pants.
As I sat in the girls room a few minutes ago going through Madison's clothes it hit me.
My little girl.
My first born.
The reason I became a Mommy.
She's not so little anymore.
Nearly all her size 4s are too small.
Some of the size 5s, too. Where did my little girl go?
As I pack away all Kennedy's size 2s, and even some size 3s...where did my baby go?
It's very likely the last time Kennedy wore those clothes will be the last time they are worn in this house. by one of our children. My heart breaks.
I can't seem to stop the tears. Where did my babies go?
Where has the time gone?
How did this happen so fast?
I want my babies back.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sitting at the dinner table tonight Madison says...

"Mommy, I love everyone in the whole world, even Tristan when he's not listening to Miss Elizabeth."

Matthew almost spit out his bite. Out of nowhere, Madison refers to the, eh hem, the not so nice boy in class.

Then she asked for a piece of chalk to write her favorite words on the chalkboard.
She sounded them out and wrote them ALL my herself!


When did our girl get so grown up?!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Thanks, Uncle Dan

For teaching this sweet girl
This silly thing
 ah- loser

Sunday, May 01, 2011


 Here are a few Easter pics to tickle your taste buds until I have time to post all the details.
 Kennedy- after throwing a royal fit because she didn't want to take pictures.
 Mommy and the girls being as nice as possible.
 And the truth comes out- sillies.
 Mmmm...Easter cupcakes!

 Daddy looking bored- Girls being girls.
 Kisses for Daddy!
 Tickles for the girls.
 Pretending to be sweet- with a big owie on her lower lip.
 There's the wild child we know!
 These two are my faves. Personality totally comes out!
The wild woman and the 'Monster'
Happy Easter!

Two Little Ladybugs

My new favorite photo of my littlest ladybug!
Thanks to Spring our yard is FULL of ladybugs to play with. Both girls play with them, but Kennedy has a special love for her tiny red and black friends!
This one crawled off her finger, onto her arm, up to her collar and onto her cheek! 
Ladybug Kisses!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Madison's teacher sent me a text message this evening- a perk of working at the school!

Miss Elizabeth: I forgot to tell you. Today Madison told me tomorrow is Friday. That's the day the Prince gets married to the Princess. I'm assuming she's talking about the Royal Wedding?

Mommy: Oh yes. She's been so excited about a princess wedding since I first told her. She will not be staying up to watch. I'll show her pictures.

Miss Elizabeth: Only your daughter. You two are funny.

My mom and I used to stay up to watch the Miss America pageant every year. The way I see it- this is the Miss America pageant of the CENTURY! If I wasn't running a 101 degree fever, coughing, sneezing, achy all over, I might go get her out of bed and camp out on the sofa for the next 5 hours!
Here's to William and Kate and a little girl dreaming of a Princess Wedding!