Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

The morning after the wedding, Kennedy was the first to wake up.
Madison slept on a big girl futon, Kennedy slept in a pack-n-play, and Mommy had a queen size bed all to herself....sort of.
When Kennedy woke up before dark, Mommy brought her in bed to nurse and go back to sleep.
Unfortunately, Kennedy had other plans.
She was so over tired she wouldn't go back to sleep.
After spending some time screaming in the pack-n-play, I picked her up and put her down on the floor to play.
The room we stayed in was completely kid proof, so after giving her some toys, I rolled back over and let her scream for a while on the floor.
After about 5 minutes, exhaustion finally set in and Kennedy fell asleep right on the carpet.
Afraid to wake the sleeping and exhausted baby, I left her there-still in her bloomers from the dress she wore to the wedding the night before.
When Madison woke up several hours later, she was fascinated by her floor sleeping sister.

When sleeping beauty finally awoke (in a much better mood) the girls went for a morning swim

in the fabulous guest tub.
After a quick and easy bite of breakfast with Mrs. Campbell (Shirley) the girls enjoyed a little more play time in the toy room.

If you recall from Gurdy's wedding, Kennedy is suddenly the one shoe wonder.

Even climbing on the slide (why use the stairs, when you can just climb up and slide down the slide?) she chose one of her favorite orange crocs.

It took some convincing, but the girls finally decided to share the ball popper toy.

By far, Madison's favorite was the rocking horse and straw cowboy hat.

The cowboy hat belonged to Shirley's sons Drew and Parker when they were little boys! Now Drew's son gets to enjoy playing with his Daddy's hat when he is at Grandma and Grandpas.

The Campbell's were generous hosts in their amazing home.
We felt like we were staying at a resort during our short stay in Tallahassee.
Labor Day Monday was the Florida State Seminoles first football game of the season.
We left he Campbell's in time for them to start their game day tailgating.
As per Uncle Matt's request, we stopped in Gainesville on the way back to Gramm and Pop's.
Kennedy walked right in and made herself at home when we got to Uncle Matt's apartment.

Madison had her own ideas about fun.

She thought Uncle Matt's pillows and hamper made a great carriage.

Uncle Matt showed her how to get in and out easily

convincing her to get out was the problem.
Madison thought the collapsible hamper was so cool she didn't want to get out!

In the meantime, Kennedy helped herself to Uncle Matt's Chik-Fil-A lunch cup.

and pointed to something else she found

a dog Uncle Matt was dog sitting for the weekend.
They were fast friends.

After convincing the girls to take a dip in the pool, Uncle Matt went upstairs to put on his swim trunks. Kennedy tried to follow.

This child LOVES stairs.
Gramm decided to take a short nap while the girls went for a swim with Uncle Matt.

Kennedy was anxious to get splashing!

Madison was a little timid at first. She stayed on the steps, playing with the balls Uncle Matt brought down to the pool with us.

I love this shot of Kennedy and Uncle Matt.
Doesn't his arm and hand look huge compared to hers?

She loved playing in the pool with Uncle Matt.

Well...until she saw something she wanted.

The girls were happily standing at the edge of the pool and jumping

OK- Madison was jumping, Kennedy was holding Mommy's hand and stepping off the edge and into the pool with a splash.

Kennedy saw a little boy and his parents come to the pool with a pair of Gator crocs.
She wanted out of the pool so she could go get his bright blue and orange shoes.
Kennedy was less than thrilled with us when we said steered her away.
That is, until the little boy's Mommy said it was ok for Kennedy to play with them (especially after she found out Mommy was a Georgia Bulldog!)

Once we peeled Kennedy away from the Gator crocs and Madison away from the pool, we got dressed and went to Uncle Matt's favorite ice cream place for a treat.

A BIG treat!

After our yummy ice cream, we said goodbye to Uncle Matt and got back on the road to Gramm and Pop's.
It didn't take Madison long to crash after all that swimming.

Kennedy on the other hand

needed to work out

a few giggles before finally taking her nap.

Although Mommy and Gramm were pretty exhausted after our 2 day quick trip, we were so glad to see Gurdy get married.
She was a gorgeous bride and we wish her the best in her marriage to her best friend!

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