Thursday, September 03, 2009

We made it Florida

September 2nd at 2:35 pm pacific time Madison, Kennedy, and Mommy got on a plane at Los Angeles International Airport bound for Orlando, FL.
Southwest Airlines is our favorite...usually.
They are the ones who offered us gate passes for Daddy to help us thru security for the first time after countless trips fumbling alone.
They are the ones who let our 'bags fly free'...and boy, do we have lots of bags.
Mommy did lots of research before this trip.
See, we were flying three different airlines during this adventure
with two car seats
a double stroller
one ticketed Mommy
one ticketed Madison toddler
one Kennedy lap infant
more toys than any village of children needs
(and a partridge in a pear tree)
and we needed to know every little baggage policy from each and every airline.
Southwest told Mommy before we flew that both car seats and the stroller were free-
even though Madison is not a lap child.
This was true...
sort of.
Let's just say, thank God for Daddy.
After stumbling from the parking lot to the curb with four rolly bags, two convertible car seats, a double stroller, two kids, and two parents we found out our airport adventure was just beginning.
Southwest Airlines was kind enough to let our car seats travel free- but only as gate checked luggage.
Yep- we had to lug both car seats in luggage bags all the way to the gate with us.
Thank God for a walking toddler, a sling loving infant, and a sturdy double stroller to hold two heavy car seats- Oh, and a Daddy to push said stroller.
We were less than thrilled to have this extra baggage along for the ride.
In the end it all worked out.
Not before every piece of our carry on luggage as well as the stroller and both car seats sent up red flags when hand swabbed.
Oh yeah, and both 'tuppies' of water tested positive for nitro glycerin.
Yep- it was lovely.
When we finally made it passed the TSA stop after being deemed a non-threat to national security
Daddy walked his girls right up to the gate in Los Angeles where super helpful fellow passengers helped us down the ramp to the plane to drop our extra cargo and load up.
Madison settled into her favorite window seat and grabbed her favorite piece of airplane literature

Luckily, we were able to snag an extra seat on the three across side of the plane.
It's much easier to keep two little girls entertained when they each have their own seats
and seat belts to play with.

The first leg of our trip to Houston the girls were great.
Madison colored.
Kennedy played, then took a short nap after nursing with Mommy.
We met a nice lady who happened to be headed the same direction we were.
She designs and makes purses and wooden jewelry and lives in Osceola County
She has a grandson and is anxious for a granddaughter.
She fell in love with Kennedy.
Kennedy fell in love with her big shiny rings and bangle bracelets.

Did you notice Kennedy is wearing one of the rings?
So fun!
The second leg was exhausting for Mommy.
Kennedy was over tired and refused to give up.
After lots of nursing (and biting I might add!) She FINALLY fell asleep on Mommy, under her nursing cover.
Madison was quick to follow, resting her head on one of the many stuffed animals that made their way on the flight with us, and her feet in Mommy's lap-kicking her sister periodically (of course!).
By 11:40pm east coast time, we met an anxious Gramm at the baggage claim of Orlando International Airport.
The girls were bouncing off the walls with excitement (and so was Gramm- which goes without saying)
Gramm helped Mommy get all the luggage and the girls outside and settled before going back to get the car. (Thank you airport security- for not allowing anyone to leave their cars on the curb even for a second to help their arriving passengers with luggage- it's not an inconvenience in the Mommy being sarcastic?)
The girls in their cutie new birthday tee shirts from Aunt Kimberly sat patiently on a bench with their animals.

Such nice sharers.

Not surprisingly, Pop was wide awake and excited when we arrived at the house just after one in the morning.
The girls were happy to pull out every toy they found downstairs and entertain Pop, despite the late hour (no matter which time zone you chose).
After much convincing, everyone was tucked in bed and dreaming of adventures to come on this whirlwind trip!

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