Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Children's Museum

When Grandma and Grandpa heard about the Children's Museum in Greenville they couldn't wait to take Madison and Kennedy.
September 22 was our day.
The girls loaded up in one car, while Daddy and Grandpa took a second.
Luckily, when Mommy realized 15 minutes into the trip she forgot her camera, Daddy was quick to turn around and grab it.
The girls had a few minutes to get the lay of the land in the three story educational center before diving in.
We decided to play in the grocery store first.
The girls grabbed shopping carts and baskets and went back to the bakery, donned aprons, and decorated pretend cakes.

Then shopped around the rest of the grocery store.

There was so much to see, the girls were not interested in playing with the self checkout cash registers. Maybe next time.
We quickly put all our food away and went back up front to play with the race cars.

Daddy, Grandpa, and Grandma test drove.

Kennedy joined the pit crew where she filled tires with a pretend air compressor and added fuel to the race car. She was really most interested in climbing around.

Madison liked the build your own car section.
She especially liked testing out the increasing velocity of her new ride.

Next was the teddy bear hospital.
Kennedy was the doctor.

She gathered up patients and gave them healing hugs!

Meanwhile, Madison performed a complete check up on her patient- the black doggie that looked like Gramm and Pop's dog Pepper.

She was so into her exam.

Before we left the hospital she gave a low five to a very bony patient
and tried out a cast for her pretend broken arm.
Then Madison tested her strength by pulling herself up, up, up
(with a little help from Daddy)

Kennedy kept meandering back to the hospital.
She didn't understand she couldn't take the animals with her.
We ended up carrying her away kicking and screaming.
She is such a stuff animal/baby doll girl.

Next we attempted to land the Space Shuttle from a NASA sponsored flight simulator.

Madison wanted to do everything Daddy did.
Next was the storybook area.
Princess Madison waved to her royal subjects,

from a balcony and her royal carriage


Then we went to the building area

tried out the tools with the help of another little boy

and tried on the safety equipment
Daddy and the girls stopped by a cool dinosaur made completely of recycled materials

before we stopped by the farm.

The girls thought it was SO fun to 'milk' the cow.

Can you see Kennedy signing? 'cow', 'cow'

She liked the pig, too.

Kennedy picked veggies from the garden

and filled a watering pail since she couldn't find a bucket

She really liked the Kennedy sized chair inside the farm house.

Our sweet little family at the farm.

After playing in the farm, we worked up quite the appetite.
We rode the over sized elevator to the ground floor and ate at the cafe.
Unfortunately, we had to walk through the water play area to get to lunch, so the girls were less than interested in eating.
When the grown ups were finished we smocked up the kids and let the splashing begin.

They had an area for smaller children including baby seats set up so it feels like you are actually IN the pond!

The ducks and raised seats were Kennedy's favorite part.
Grandma's, too.

Madison loved it all- from the kids area to the grown up area

she couldn't get enough

We wrapped up our exciting day in the sound area

complete with a pinball type machine that propelled a little ball onto a variety of bells and cylinders to make super fun sounds.

What a fantastic place.
We could have spent every day at the museum.
Certainly, if we lived in the area we would invest in an annual membership- WOW- we LOVED it.
We can't wait to get home and research learning museums like this in our area.
Grandma and Grandpa were right- the girls fell head over heals for the museum!

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