Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grandpa Lackey and the Piano

September 16th we had a full day planned for the last day of our Florida trip.
We started by taking breakfast to Great Grandpa Lackey's house.
After we scarfed down some danish and coffee (no coffee for the girls),
Mommy and Grandpa chatted a little while the girls explored the piano.
This is the piano Grandma Lackey tried to teach Mommy how to play many years ago.
As long as Mommy can remember, the piano has been in the same spot and covered in family photos.
It's like a walk down Memory Lane.

I'm not sure how Grandma would have felt about Madison and Kennedy banging on the keys.

Grandpa thought it was fantastic.

Speaking of Memory Lane....Did you know Grandpa Lackey played in the Gator Marching Band back in 1935?

He showed us this incredible photograph someone gave him recently.

Pretty handsome young guy, huh?

Grandpa was pretty impressed by how much Madison has grown over the years.

We were all laughs and having a great time
Until the Albert the Alligator tried to eat Kennedy...

OK- not really.
It was the perfect visit.

Until we had to leave.
Do you think we look alike?
We are looking forward to breakfast with Grandpa again soon!

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