Friday, September 17, 2010

Well Baby No More

Kennedy has hit another milestone.
Almost immediately a switch in her body flipped as if to say- Oh I'm two- now I need to throw fits for no reason and live up to my nickname (monster).
And so we began our morning this way:

Today was the day of Kennedy's 2 year well baby check-up. You may remember, we opted to keep our original pediatrician when we moved because we know we will be back when this program is over.
Knowing that morning southbound traffic is a nightmare, and we are NOT morning people- we scheduled her appointment for 10:30am.
Mommy made and packed snacks last night so we didn't have to rush with that detail in the morning. The car was packed with 'long trip' toys, including books and blankies which the girls like to have when we go through the mountains- I have no idea why.
So, Thursday morning we woke up to typical hissy fit terrible twos and did our best to get ready and rushed out the door.
We made it to Simi Valley safely and in record time, stopped by a friend's house, dropped Madison off to play then jetted over to Dr Pattan's office.
Kennedy was so confused on the drive over-"Where Madison go?" She's not used to being without her sister in the car. She finally got used to being alone with Mommy during pre-school time- so it was pretty confusing to be so far from 'home' and without her sister.
When we got to the office and all attention was on her, she quickly forgot about her sister's absence...

After we got settled in our room it was time to weigh and measure her. Kennedy is 34 1/2 inches tall and weighs 26 lbs now. She dropped from the 60th to the 40th percentile in weight and Dr Pattan says she is noticeably leaner. We agree. Her anemia test results were great, so there are no major concerns at this point. We just want to make sure her weight doesn't drop any further.

With her sister out of the picture, Kennedy stole the show! She was animated, talkative, and goofy. Dr Pattan just laughed and laughed at her antics and stories.

She even used Mommy's bracelets to build a house.
After our check-up and discussion with Dr Pattan about Kennedy's new found retaliation method- BITING, it was time for one vaccination. Her final Hep A and now she is caught up until Kindergarten. Our girls are growing up so fast. Kennedy doesn't go back again until she is 3 and a half! No more well baby check ups for us.
She cried for a second after her shot, but quickly soothed with a snuggle and sticker and we were off to our friends' house again.
When we arrived, we oood and ahhhhd over their newly remodeled kitchen and living spaces, had some lunch, then played and played.
The last time we saw Caleb and Ryan, their baby sister was a week old. Now Miss Annika is almost 8 months old! And such a cutie. Look at these fabulous cheeks.

Her cousin, Gwen is 6 months younger than Kennedy. She is 'baby Gwen' no longer. She was barely crawling last time we saw her, now she's running around and such a big girl!

Kennedy and Gwen had a few problems early in our visit. Gwen is going through a mean stage, like Kennedy. She grabbed and scratched at Kennedy's back when she first arrived at the house and instead of biting back (which I'm surprised Kennedy did not do), Kennedy just reached for Mommy. She wouldn't get down and play if Gwen was in the same room after that. Kind of a weird interaction between the two number twos. As long as they were separate, they were fine.
The two big girls- Madison and Ryan had a great time playing together. They started with coloring, then dress-up, sand box, and finally the trampoline before moving back inside to start the process all over again.

Miss Mindy is a pretty talented seamstress (or so I think- she says not so much) and she showed me a few of her current favorite fabrics. Heather Bailey has such gorgeous designs! Mommy might need to get online and place an order!!

We ended up staying well past nap time having such a great visit! Since we were smack in the middle of traffic hour, we ended up staying in Simi and visiting with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Chad, too. The girls were good and worn out by the time we started our journey home. They were asleep before we even hit the freeway and stayed that way as I moved them from car seats to beds. We arrived home at 8:00pm. Madison woke up briefly when she realized she wasn't in pjs (she is such a child of routine) so I helped her go potty, get some water, change into pjs and snuggle back into bed. It was a long day, but great to visit with old friends!

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