Saturday, August 15, 2009

Uncle Dan's Big Birthday Bag

August 6th Uncle Dan came to visit.
He passing through on his way to Long Beach for work.
He arrived in time for dinner and stayed the night to play.
Daddy and Uncle Dan are like two peas in a pod so there is rarely a dull moment when he is around.
This visit was no different.
Uncle Dan arrived at the door with a HUGE gift bag over flowing with tissue paper.
He carried the bag in, set it on the kitchen table and told Madison it was for her birthday.
What do you think happened next?
Yep- Madison begged to open her giant present.
We told her after dinner she could dig in.
Dinner was done.
Daddy was home from work.
Bath time was over.
Kennedy was in bed.
It was present time.

Uncle Dan individually wrapped Madison's two gifts and Kennedy's one but put them all in this fun bag because he wasn't sure which would be more fun-
unwrapping presents or pulling out paper.
Such a thoughtful Uncle.
Madison pulled out her first present and began ripping the paper

she uncovered a kitty piano and moved on to her next present

which was her favorite for the night.
Real drum sticks from Cousin Lisa Marie.
She was here in January with Uncle Dan for the Super Bowl game (yep- the Steelers won!)
They brought their Rock Band game along with their X-Box.
Madison loved banging on the drums when no one was playing.
Lisa decided Madison needed her own set of sticks.

Boy were they a hit.
She and Uncle Dan played and played with Madison's drum sticks.

She even took them to bed with her!
(Don't worry, Mommy snuck in and took them so she didn't get hurt in the night)
The next morning Uncle Dan left for his meetings down south,
Daddy went to work,
and the girls woke up.
Madison was anxious to help Kennedy open her present, too.

She started pulling the tissue back out of the bag

then got distracted by a toy she found on the floor.

Luckily, Madison was there to keep her on track.

Madison basically opened Kennedy's present for her

but that didn't mean she loved it any less.
We took the giraffe music set out and began playing with it immediately.
Between the keyboard, drum sticks, and giraffe guitar/maraca/shaker/blower combo there is rarely a quiet moment around this house anymore.
Thanks, Uncle Dan.
We will find a way to bring these sounds back to you. :)

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