Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Disney Birthday Extravaganza: Going Home

The last day of our trip started out beautifully.
Kennedy woke up first without the help of loud, screaming children next door.
Mommy was next, followed by Madison, then Daddy.
The girls were a little groggier after such a long day of fun at Disneyland the day before.
After a little play time and some cereal for breakfast, Madison got to open one more present we didn't quite get to the day before.

In the meantime, Kennedy figured how to climb into the front seat of the stroller by herself and sit down.
We didn't get any pictures of her climbing or sitting.
This is a funny one, though.
She tried to climb from the seat onto the bed and slid between the stroller and bed instead.
She was a little stuck, but was so intrigued by what Madison was opening she wiggled herself loose.

Madison pulled every piece of sticky paper off the box before opening the flaps
peering inside

and finding a beautiful Belle dress-up dress from Gramm.

She picked it up and kept saying, "oh, my- it's beautiful, look it's so beautiful"

She even danced with her dress around the room.

Kennedy was happy to play with the leftover wrapping paper.
Of course Madison wanted to put on her dress, gloves, and purse immediately.
She was so happy to match her CeCe Hello Kitty!

Kennedy found her own dress-up, her sister's 'Jungle' hat.

Madison wanted to go for a ride in her 'royal carriage'

Look how long the fingers of her gloves are.
She was so cute in her royal, sparkly dress.

Madison and Cece danced around the hotel room (with Madison's crazy bedhead hair) all morning while we packed up to go home.

Kennedy danced with her new friend, Bananas.
Madison even got to wear her Belle dress home in the car.
Daddy requested one special detour to make his birthday weekend complete.
We made it home with little traffic or crying, in fact Kennedy fell asleep almost right away.
But not before she managed to fill her diaper.
Mommy doesn't like Kennedy to sit in a dirty diaper very long.
Luckily we arrived at Tito's shortly after she fell asleep so Mommy could wake, change, and nurse her.
Madison's exhaustion from her super stimulating trip kicked in while Daddy was picking up food and she was a mess the rest of the way home.
Luckily, as soon as we arrived back home the girls ate a little lunch, laid down and took nice long naps (so did Mommy and Daddy!)
We enjoyed a nice, quiet afternoon of family play time before dinner, baths, and bed time.
What a perfect birthday trip!

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Sam Zavitz said...

Love the pic of Madison climbing into her 'royal carriage' with the Belle dress on! She & Cate are twins with it!

What an amazing whirlwind trip! Such great posts ~ thanks for sharing!