Sunday, August 23, 2009

Princess Madison and Noah the Knight in Shining Armour

As promised, here are a *few* of our favorite photos from Madison and Noah's wagon fun.
They started with Noah's Daddy, Chris pulling them around the yard.
Sierra is always close to follow the wagon.
We think she is afraid one of the kids will get hurt.

After a lap or two around the desert like backyard terrain, Noah decided he wanted to pull Madison by himself.

Princess Madison in her new crown and dress up shoes was a little heavier than Noah expected.

He couldn't quite get her up the incline on his own

so Uncle Chris stepped in for a little extra nudge

and they were off again

Noah happily pushed and pulled his Princess all around the yard,

as a good Knight in shining armour should

He paused for a small token of his affection

and got stuck.
The kids leaned over to see what the problem was, when Knight Noah found....
a magic sword to thwart off any evil doers in the yard

When all was clear again, Noah did a little examining to figure out why the wagon wouldn't move
(could it be that they lost all their momentum when they stopped for a kiss?)

He tried pushing backward from the front

pushing forward from the back

Madison got out to lend a hand

(Dukes of Hazard style)

Low and behold, the wagon moved again

So they pushed and pulled together for a while

Until Princess true Princess form...lost a shoe

Noah looked everywhere for the shoe.

Finally locating it,

he bent down to assist Madison in replacing the 'gwass swipper" on her foot

and all was well again.

so they went on their merry way again

until they hit another 'bump in the road' on the other side of the yard.

Strong, burly Noah effortlessly flipped the wagon back over
(Matt says it's time for Noah to get a Jeep and hone these skills for off roading)

And again, on their merry way

with a slight role reversal

All that pushing, pulling, riding, and rolling tuckered out the Princess and brave Knight so they stopped for a royal drink of water.

Two little peas in a pod

They are just too sweet together
**Thanks to Angie for snapping such great pics while Mommy was busy patting together our yummy feta burgers. Watching these two interact together was such a crack up! **

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