Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Friday: Daddy's first 'Religious' Experience

College football season is right around the corner.
What a great time to flashback to Mommy and Daddy's first tailgating/college football experience together.
October 16, 2004 Daddy attended his very first University of Georgia football game in Sanford Stadium.
Anyone from the South knows, football truly is a religion.
First comes God, second comes Georgia football.
We flew in a couple days early and introduced Matthew to city of Athens, UGA campus, and Mommy's two best friends- Kimberly and Kristi.
Saturday morning we met up with some of Kimberly's friends and Kristi's brother Brian for some good old fashion Bulldog Tailgating.

We had a blast at the game with Kristi, Kimberly, and Ramsay.
It was a gorgeous day for Georgia football!

After the game we even got to meet UGA himself!
Mommy gave the hot and tired little boy a kiss on the head.
The entire time Mommy was attending University of Georgia she never got to meet the MAN.
Mommy was definitely more excited about the meeting than Daddy.

We got some fun pictures of the game, too!

One of our favorite parts of the game was running into this cool guy.
Doesn't his shirt say it all...
It was a fantastic weekend and the perfect introduction to SEC football for Daddy.
This year we get to go back to Athens for another game in the stadium.
Stay tuned for our upcoming Bulldog adventures....Go Dawgs!

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