Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Breakfast and Painting

June 17th Madison woke up and asked if we could make pancakes for breakfast.
So we did
All the girls had pancakes.
Daddy is gone for work before we wake up, otherwise we would have shared with him.
Mommy and Madison also had strawberries

none for Kennedy- like her sister was early on, she is slightly allergic to them. If she has more than a bite for two she gets a little rash on her chest and back so better to avoid them for now.
After breakfast and nap time we went out back to work on a craft project.
This was Kennedy's first time finger painting and Mommy knew it would be messy so the girls were dressed in clothes that are already stained.
Kennedy wore a onsie 2 sizes too big, but it worked.

After a few minutes of eating the paint and smearing it all over herself, I realized Kennedy probably could have gone without clothes.
Even Madison decided to 'think outside the box' with her project.
She used her non-toxic finger paint as lipstick.

Kennedy was a disaster

but isn't that what childhood is for?

a little non-toxic paint never hurt anybody.

We were working on a Father's Day hand print craft.
This is how Kennedy's little flower garden turned out

I'm not sure why this picture keeps uploading sideways.
Just turn your head and humor me, please.

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