Tuesday, August 04, 2009


We've enjoyed spending more time at the library this summer in an attempt to 'beat the heat'.
Our library has great tiny tots and preschooler story times Monday and Tuesday mornings.
They also have a fantastic summer reading program with magicians, reptile specialists, and all kinds of other fun visitors.
We've had great intentions of going to the program events, but they usually fall during nap time.
These pictures are from our June 15th library adventure.

Kennedy was more interested in her sister than the reader.
When reading time was over they brought out wooden puzzles for the kids to play with.
Madison took Kennedy's puzzle away from her and was asked (by Mommy) to give it back.
She gave it back (ok, threw it back) and went to a chair to pout.

Kennedy just hung out by the book binding shaped seat and No 2 pencil watching her sister pout

then went back to her puzzles.

She spent more time attempting to put pieces in her mouth than actually putting them together.

Once Madison realized no one was paying attention to her pouting episode, she came back to help with the crayon puzzle.

The girl puzzle was her favorite. We put it together and took it apart a million times.
Luckily there were 2 of them, so we weren't keeping it from other kids.

After puzzles, we grabbed some new books to check out.
As soon as we got out the door Madison wanted to start reading.

Luckily there is a beautiful grassy park next to the library.

We parked under a tree to examine our new dinosaur books.

Kennedy was more interested in eating the grass

and making faces

The trees in parking lot were in bloom and looked and smelled incredible.

So, of course, we stopped for a few quick pics before loading into the car.

Gorgeous- too bad we couldn't capture the awesome smell via camera.

Madison ended up falling as she hopped back and forth from the grass off the curb by the car. She got her first skinned knee since she first started walking.
Luckily we have a first aid kit in the car.
The 'kitty owie' (Hello Kitty bandaid) saved the day!
A quick run to Target for a special snack and play time in the toy aisle helped, too.

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