Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ryann's 4th Birthday (another friend Ryann)

August 1st was our friend Ryann Watts's, 4th birthday party.
She wanted a Nemo pool party.
We arrived a little late and got suited up right away.

Kennedy swam with Mommy in the big pool

Madison was in the hot tub with some of the other kids.
The heater was off so it was almost the same temperature as the rest of the pool.

Daddy has known Ryann's Mommy and her Uncle since he was in high school.
Being back in this gorgeous backyard brought back lots of memories of 'gatherings' from years past.

Madison liked splashing in the beautiful water

Kennedy was happy in the big pool.

Then Madison came to join all the other kids (and Mommy and Kennedy) in the big pool.

She swam

she jumped

She was too chicken to jump off the rocks into the deep end, but birthday girl Ryann wasn't.

After lots of swimming, it was time to eat fish shaped peanut butter and jelly, fruit, veggies, wraps, croissants, yum, yum, yum.
When everyone had their fill of lunch it was cake time.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ryann, Happy Birthday to you

Denise (Ryann's Mommy) even had a Nemo pinata

Madison was a mess as she waited for her turn to take a whack at it.

When the pinata broke all the kids went running for candy.
Madison was so confused.
We told her to go grab candy for her bag.
She came back with one tootsie pop and said 'wuk what I GOT!'
She didn't understand she needed to help grab up all the candy from the ground.

After a little prompting, she picked up a few more pieces (including a couple more lollipops)

Next it was inside for present time
Kennedy showed Aunt Kamila her baby

Madison watched intently as Ryann opened her presents from the girls.
Madison helped wrap them and kept telling me she was going to keep one and give one to Ryann.
Clearly a little confused about the gift giving process.

Madison liked the Barbie Jeep, too.

Happy Birthday, Ryann! Thanks for inviting us to swim with you.

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