Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Today is our baby's first birthday.
Miss Kennedy is already one year old.
One year ago, Kennedy fought to stay in her nice, warm, happy home.
She didn't want to come out.
Obviously she eventually changed her mind.
Not without a fight.
Which makes sense now.
This little girl is a feisty one.
When she wants something, she uses those massive lungs and lets everyone know.
She has quite an opinion
about pretty much everything.
She loves hats, especially her sister's big floppy ones.

She loves her camera (Thank you, Aunt Darlene!)

It's a necklace,

it's a teether- multipurpose toy.
Today she unwrapped a birthday present for the first time.
Not to say she hasn't been showered with love (and presents) but none of it included pretty flowery paper.
When she got her package in the mail from Grandma Quessie-our great friend- she was excited to see her very first wrapped present.
Mommy helped her tear the paper.
She pulled a little piece off and held it like a prize.

She was happy to stop there.
You mean that's not the present?!
There's more?
With some help from her big sister, Kennedy opened a brand new nursery rhymes book.
It's the perfect pop up, swirl around, flap book for our little monkey!
After dinner and bath time, Daddy came home from his long day at work.
We couldn't go to bed without celebrating.
Even though we were rapidly approaching bed time, we made a little exception on the night time sugar intake for our birthday girl.

Her little face says it all-the wonder in a child's eye is beautiful isn't it?

Madison blew out her candle after we sang and Kennedy got down to business.

the business of squashing


and enjoying every minute of her little pieces of marble and chocolate birthday cake

It was pure joy to watch

She loved every last bite

Happy Birthday beautiful blue eyes!
Happy Birthday to you.

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