Friday, July 31, 2009

Just another the park

May 31st was a beautiful day.
The weather was perfect and we were all together as a family.
Madison decided she wanted wear her new 'tinkerbell' dress up when we got home from church
(gotta love the $6 clearance finds on no-name dress up)
and ride her trike out in front of the house.
Did I mention we live at the cul-de-sac?

Spending time with Daddy on the weekends brings the biggest smiles to her face.

Mommy and Kennedy hung out in the yard watching the crazy fairy rider.
Kennedy was content pulling pieces of grass and playing with her ball.

Something about her right leg touching the grass bothered her though
so she held it up the entire time she sat.

she does this any time she is sitting on grass.
After a little riding we decided to walk to the park.

Our little floppy hats were quite content to ride

When we got there Kennedy sat, watching her sister

leg up, of course.

Madison and Daddy ran around the park
which Madison thought was fantastic

Kennedy got a kick out of them, too.

(look at that crazy leg!)

Flying on Daddy's shoulders was apparently hard work

so Madison kicked back and relaxed on the ride home.
Another perfect Sunday afternoon.

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