Friday, July 24, 2009

Clothing change?

Summer is here and we are busy girls.
Some days just one outfit won't do for one reason or another.
Spills, messes, temperature name it- we have it.
May 9th is a perfect example.
We started the day in the pj's we slept in.

Kennedy once again found Madison's tuppie.
(on a side note- tuppie is one of Madison's baby words we are not trying to change. we love that she calls her sippie cup a tuppie and hope it continues for a long time)

It always cracks me up when she sucks so hard her cheeks pucker.

We spent a little time outside and in the sand box.

Kennedy wanted to get covered in sand so bad. I finally gave in.
After lots of sun, sweat, and sand we cleaned up and worked on lunch.

Madison is not always a good eater so we are a little lenient on where she eats lunch.
Today she ate a corn dog while she was playing.

Note she is in outfit #2 and it's only lunch time. She's also bogarting the tuppies.

Kennedy found one of the cup holders from our stroller.
And tried to figure out what to do with it.

Her faces are just funny.
Note she is in outfit #3 and Madison finally shared a tuppie with her.
Good thing these girls have so many clothing options!
Summer means more fun- and more clothes, apparently.

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