Friday, July 24, 2009

Gardening and Rice

May 5th the girls and I decided to start working on clearing out the back garden.
It was pretty overgrown with weeds from the year before so we had lots of work to do.
Once Mommy got the big weeds pulled, Madison dug in with her garden gloves and tools to help.

Kennedy stayed under the shade of our umbrella in her pack n play looking on.

Madison was so proud of her new garden tools. She helped pick them out at Lowe's.

While we were digging, we found some new friends. Mommy moved them to the dirt so Madison could get a better look.

We found 4 snails all together living in our over-growth. She thought they were pretty cool.

Kennedy did, too.

But what she really wanted was to get out and play.

Which she was not afraid to vocalize.
We got the entire garden cleared out and ready to plant new veggies.
Later that night Kennedy got to try real sticky rice for the first time.
She wasn't sure at first, but before long she got it unstuck from her fingers and into her mouth.
Then she had turkey dinner baby food, which she got all over her face.

And she thought that was so hilarious.
This is fast becoming one of our favorite dinner time faces.
Her 'crunchy face'- too cute!

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