Thursday, July 02, 2009

Beach Trip- Part 2

Day 2 started with breakfast at the hotel.
Kennedy was excited to hit the beach.
So much so, she barely sat still to eat her oatmeal.
As you can see, she decided she didn't like the way we had her seated in the high chair.
She straddled the seat instead.

After breakfast we headed to the beach.
We rented two lounge chairs and an umbrella for the day and got down to the business of playing.

Kennedy was a little timid at first. She wasn't sure how she felt about her bare legs on the sand.

Madison dug right in and started building her sand castle.

Before long Kennedy was shoveling handfuls of sand into her mouth.
Don't you LOVE these rolls!?

The girls had fun playing in the sand together until Kennedy's morning nap time.

After nursing with Mommy, Kennedy laid down under the umbrella with Gramm.
Madison and I headed up to the hotel pool to swim so Kennedy had quiet for her nap.

Kennedy is so peaceful when she sleeps.

Madison decided she wanted her turn to lounge after our pool swim.
She shaded herself from the sun under the cool hoodie towel Mommy's friend Justina made.
The girls each have one monogramed with their names.

In typical Madison fashion her lounge was short lived.
While Kennedy continued to nap Madison and Mommy went on a walk down the beach.
She wanted to walk on the tire tracks and chase the birds.

I just love baby fannies in bathing suits.
Madison's always seems to shift to one side or the other.
When we got back from our walk we made a face in the sand.
Madison used the shells she collected on our walk to make his eyes, nose, and mouth.
Then we drizzled sand for hair.

Shortly there after, Kennedy woke up from her long morning snooze with Gramm.

She's so cute when she first wakes up.

When Kennedy woke up we played a little longer in the sand and surf, then decided it was time for lunch.
We went back to the room to get out of our wet bathing suits then loaded up in the car.
Our plan was to do a little souvenier shopping, have lunch, then meet Pop. (he had to work Saturday morning so he was meeting us at the beach around 1ish)
We got our souveneirs (a cool Steelers beach towel for Daddy) and a quick bite for lunch.
Madison was pretty tired by the time we got back to the hotel so we left her with Pop to share a nap.
Gramm, Kennedy, and Mommy went back to see the little beach shops.
We fell in LOVE with a place called Gidget's.
They had the coolest jewelry, funky wall hangings, and little beachy gifts.
We saw this hat by the San Diego Hat Company and had to steal a picture with Kennedy.
The owner of the shop said Kennedy should be her hat model because she looked SO cute!
Alas, the price tag was a little much so we left without the hat (but not without some other fun things!)

But we did manage to snap a couple photos out in front of the shop.

We tooled around the beach shops a little more, picked up a sun hat for Madison at the 'Life is Short' place, then headed back to see our little nappers.
Pop and Madison were ready to hit the beach again so we suited back up.
When we got down to the shore this time a nice couple let us know to be extra careful on the shoreline as a few jellyfish washed up.
Madison was anxious to see the 'goey fish' as she called them.
We got a great picture of one that washed up (on Pop's camera of course).
Instead of chancing a sting, we walked along the beach and picked up shells.
The hotel pool seemed much safer so Pop and Madison went for a swim.
After our beach walk and swim time it was off to dinner.
Madison was such a great eater at Olive Garden we stopped for ice cream on the way back.
We wrapped up the night with Madison snuggling between Gramm and Pop and Kennedy snuggling Mommy.

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