Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Earth Day Everyday

April 16th we celebrated Earth Day.
Yes, I know it wasn't really Earth Day, but that's when the City of St Cloud had their Earth Day celebration.
We started the day at St Cloud Civic Center with Tina,
Kendall, and
Connor, and Justina, Spencer and Mady.
We played for a little while in the gym,
then sang some songs and danced with all the other kids.
Next it was back to the craft room to make a special Earth Day earth.
We glued a blue circle to our paper, then dipped our hands in green paint to make continent hand prints.
(this picture was taken with a cell phone a few days later. Madison's artwork on Gramm's fridge)
Mommy's friend Shanon joined us during the craft time with her youngest son, Bobby.
Unfortunately, Mommy was not as good as she usually is at taking pictures.
After crafts, it was time to visit with 'Curby' the talking trash can.
He taught us all about recycling. Sorry no pics of him, but the kids loved him.
(no those are not Mommy's panties, they are Kennedy's leg warmers- and yes, Tina caught me off guard)
Kennedy was more interested in looking at herself in the mirror.
(I know it's a little fuzzy, and no, I don't remember how she got that little bonk on her head. Aren't her leg warmers too cute?)
When Curby was all finished, we had a 'recycled' snack- which was a bunch of cereals and other snack odds and ends (pretzels, etc) mixed together for a trail mix.

After Earth Day, Justina and Shanon joined us for at McDonald's for lunch and playtime.
Shanon picked up Riley from school so she could play, too.
Mommy's friend Linda brought her daughters Reagan and Allison, too.

This is Allison-look at those fabulous rolls. Gotta loved those nursed babies!
Even Justina got in on the playtime!

The girls were worn out by their friends.

They didn't even make it 10 minutes back to Gramm and Pop's house to start their naps.

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