Friday, July 24, 2009

Going Home

April 28th was the big day.
Gramm took the day off to get some last minute play time in with the girls since our flight wasn't until late afternoon.
Mommy finished packing while our friends Tina, Kendall, and Connor came over to play.
Once everything was packed up, we went to Five Guys Burgers to see if it is better than In and Out.
We decided it's just different, not better.
Then it was time to load up 2 cars (yes it took TWO cars to get all our suitcases, the double stroller, both girls, and Mommy to the airport) and headed out.
Pop got a gate pass to help us get thru security and keep us entertained until boarding time.
We had a very long layover in Phoenix, but thanks to Aunt Kristi's mommy- Gramma Carole, Madison was entertained with Princess color wonder paper.

Mommy found a nice quiet place in the terminal, laid down a blanket, put socks on Kennedy's hands (which didn't last long) and let her crawl around.

We were all exhausted when we landed in Burbank Tuesday night.
Daddy was so happy to see his girls after such a long trip away.
He said the girls were different kids all together. They grew so much!
We learned that no matter how long the trip, we won't get to see everyone and do everything we want. There are just too many great people to catch up with!

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