Friday, January 30, 2009

Madison's new pets

Thursday we took Sierra for a bath and nail clipping at Petsmart.
We like to spoil her (and make sure to get all the dirt off!) every once in a while and get her a nice professional wash.
Madison struggles every time.
She is fine with the idea of taking Sierra, but when we leave she cries, 'No go back- get See Ra!'.
I guess she thinks we are leaving her for good.
She doesn't quite get that we are going back.
This time we ended up with a few extras on the way home.
After cruising the store looking at all the, birds, lizards, snakes (ewww!!!), cats, we decided to get Madison a fish.
Madison was so excited she flapped her arms up and down with glee! What a wierdo!
Kennedy slept thru the whole ordeal.
Goldfish are $.12 each. We ended up with 3.

We had a bowl at home, but needed fish food ($1.99), tap water treatment drops ($2.29), and colored marbles for the bottom of the bowl ($1.99).
It's like a Visa commercial...little swimmers...36 cents, all the garb to go with them...just under 7 dollars.
Watching your two year old daughter hug the fishies,

decorate their bowl with stickers,

and climb up her stool to talk to them...priceless.

PS Kennedy is just fine with her 'fishies', the aquarium toy Uncle Daniel got Madison her first Christmas made its way back out for Kennedy!

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