Tuesday, January 20, 2009


When I was in third grade Inauguration was our bonus spelling word one week.
I got it right. I wasn't a terrible speller, but not the greatest either.
I was just excited I got the bonus word for a change.
Today is an historic day. Why? Because we are officially putting a new president in office, right? Oh, you mean there is more to it than that?
Well, I have to disagree.
Why is it, historically speaking, the black community shuns those individuals who have even a drop of white in them yet when a 'mixed' man runs for office they call him black? Shouldn't it be all or nothing? Either your mixed neighbor is black (and not part white) or your new president is mixed- yeah, the guy is part white. Does that make this day less historic? or more historic? how much is 'enough' or 'too much' black? Is it genes alone that determine race? Or does upbringing count?
It's exciting so many people who have cared less about elections in the past waited in long lines to cast their vote this year. It's just sad so many voted on the percieved color of skin, or partial color I suppose, without weighing the issues. After all, you can't vote for only the black half of the guy. Did you vote for the candidate you felt was most qualified? Or the one who looked the way you wanted?
As a Christian American I know God is in control regardless of the color, gender, race of the person in office.
Whether you voted for the guy or not, whether you are black, white, purple, brown, or some of each, give the man a chance...for our future's sake....our daughters' sakes.

Welcome, Mr President. There has never been a 44th President before...what an historic day.

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