Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kennedy- 5 months

Time is flying. It is possible Kennedy is growing up twice as fast as her sister?

It sure feels that way.

Where is the time going?

Our little wiggle worm now weighs 17 lbs 7 oz as of January 16th. She is wearing virtually all 9 month clothes now, oh and some 6-12 mo.

We graduated to 2-3 diapers.

She sits up all by herself and Mommy rarely uses the boppy to shield her falls anymore.

Most of her 'falls' are intentional, and are more like flops forward to get on her tummy.

She doesn't LOVE being on her tummy for long periods of time, but tries desperately to move forward when she is there- flapping her arms, putting her face to the ground, and pulling her knees up under herself.

She still hasn't figured out she can roll onto her back to get out of her predicaments, but she is quick to roll from her back to her tummy almost instantly when we lay her down.

She has great hand-eye coordination and rarely hits herself in the face with toys when pulling them from the ground up to her mouth.

Speaking of toys-Kennedy discovered bath toys. Love all these rolls!

Both girls enjoy splashing together.

Kennedy still enjoys riding in her sling, but now she hangs out on my hip instead the front kangaroo carry.

She's still a great nurser but is eating much larger portions during her two food meals. Cheerios in her mesh feeder are becoming a regular snack, too!

She discovered the fun toy in her crib, too.

She likes to play in her crib while Madison reads so Mommy can clean their room.

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