Friday, January 02, 2009

Kennedy- 4 1/2 months

We went to Kennedy's 4 month doctors appointment on December 18th. Kennedy weighed 15 1/2 lbs and was 25 1/4 inches long. She is just a few ounces bigger than Madison was at this point but she seems so much bigger.

She started this month looking long and fairly thin- except for her fabulous cheeks of course. Now she eats TWO meals in addition to nursing all day- the rolls are starting to pile on!
Our day starts with an oatmeal breakfast, Kennedy is not such a fan of rice cereal. After a couple 30 minute naps and a few hours of play she has half a jar of vegetable with some rice cereal for lunch. Kind of like stir fry for babys, I guess. She likes carrots and sweet potatoes but is still forming opinions on peas and green beans.

Lots and lots of nursing in between meals and throughout the rest of the day.

Much to my dismay Kennedy only naps 30 minutes at a time. Some days it seems she has an internal alarm clock.

She is in a deep sleep when her eyes pop open and she is ready to play again. Not getting much Mommy time during the day, or independent time with Madison. We are up to 6 - 6 1/2 hours of sleep at night before she wakes to nurse.
Christmas week brought a wave of big girl development for Kennedy. For several weeks whenever we lay Kennedy back against a pillow she tries to pull her upper body up. The week of Christmas she was sitting in my lap when I realized she WASN'T sitting in my lap. She was sitting on her own. I backed away and there she sat. Just like a big girl, sitting up. When I thought about it, I realized she'd been doing it for days.

I wasn't expecting her to sit up unassisted so soon so I wasn't looking for it. Madison was months older when she started this. She's still a little wobbly, so we have to stay close in case she desides to lean to one side or the other.

The boppy is great because it catches her as she leans and she pulls herself back up. She even managed to lean all the way forward and plop on her belly yesterday! Christmas morning she found her feet, too. When she rides in the sling she loves chewing on her toes since they are right by her mouth. (I know it looks uncomfortable, but she LOVES it!).

Christmas morning, rolling on her back surrounded by presents she discovered how to pull them up to her mouth on her own.

She's been grabbing at them ever since.

She even fell asleep holding them Christmas afternoon.

She's been trying her hardest to roll over from her back to her tummy since our 3 month entry. At our December 18th appointment Kennedy rolled over on the exam table. She couldn't quite figure out how to get her shoulder out from under her to lay flat on her tummy though.
Christmas Eve Kennedy tried and tried.

She turned her head and strained her neck.

It looked like she was kissing the floor but she was still on her side.

She rocked and rocked, then suddenly...

rolled all the way over!

Madison immediately layed on her like a pillow to show her version of praise for her little sister.

Kennedy was so proud of herself. She just kept smiling and rolling back on her tummy every time we put her on her back. She loves rolling now.
Yesterday she started pushing her feet to the floor and flapping her arms when on her tummy. I called this the 'fish out of water' when Madison was little. It's the step before crawling. Kennedy even pushes up her bottom and tries to get up to her knees!

She is growing up so quickly. She's still wearing her size 2 diapers but has moved up to 9 month clothes already! Some of her 2 piece 6 month outfits still fit, but her sleepers and most pieces are 9 months.

Thanks to Christmas presents and Aunt Kimberly (she sent a bunch of McLean's super cute 9 month fleece outfits for Kennedy to borrow) Kennedy has plenty to keep her warm even though she soared thru Madison's hand me downs.

Kennedy's smiles and laughs get bigger and bigger everyday.

We LOVE listening to her laugh.

Some of her biggest smiles come when she is looking at her big sister. Her fingers

(and anything else she can find)

are usually in her mouth and is still working on cutting her first tooth.

More updates to come...

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