Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hold it! and a nice walk

Today was another beautiful Southern California day.
Madison wanted to play
while Kennedy hung out in the new hip position in her sling.
When we decided to go for a walk Madison asked for her sunglasses
Kennedy needed some, too.
Mommy decided Kennedy could use a hat
so, of course Madison wanted one, too. Today she is a 'cowboy'.
Madison helped me hold Sierra's leash and off we went on a nice long walk. Kennedy was so comfy, she fell asleep.
Today is also day 8 of the potty traing adventure. We hadn't had an accident all week-until today. Madison is having a hard time learning when Mommy says come inside, we have to listen. She held it for 2 hours (including our 30 minute walk) without going potty. When we got home she threw a fit because Mommy said it was time to go inside for lunch. While she was outside crying, she soaked her jeans and got even more upset.
After cleaning up Madison and having a discussion on how important it is to listen to Mommy, we made lunch and set up for naps.
Speaking of naps. Kennedy naps 2 hours, like Madison if she stays on Mommy's lap (and boob!). I've learned it's best to let this happen and enjoy the downtime to update the blog.

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