Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Bowl Weekend

This year at our house, Super bowl was a weekend affair.
Uncle Dan (Daddy's brother) and his youngest daughter Lisa, (who is 13 already, can you believe it?!) came down from Sacramento Thursday night in preparation for the game.

He brought with him a truck full of Rockband supplies.

Including what Madison called 'the hat'.

Everyone took turns wearing it...
except Mommy.

Madison had a great time playing with Uncle Dan.
He even taught her how to hide...
sort of.

We were all geared up for Sunday, including every one's terrible towels.

We caught Daddy mid-bite with his special homemade chicken wings!

Kennedy wore her pink Steelers onsie but her pants kept her little fanny covered most of the day.

Here's a flashback pic.
With a kitchen full of spicy snacks and sweet treats the game began.
Madison was quietly napping until some over zealous cheering woke her up early. Sick plus short nap equals unhappy Doodle!
When the crying stopped, the cheering continued (both from the crabby two year old and the crabby fans in the living room!) as the Steelers won the game!

As the guys watched game wrap up, the girls watched The Jungle Book aka 'Bear necessities' on Daddy's 'puter' in Mommy and Daddy's room.

Matt thought it was hilarious to see all the girls so mesmerized by the computers.

The room was dark before he came in with the camera flash.

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