Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kennedy is 3 months old

Is it time to have another baby yet?

Kennedy is only 3 months old, and it already feels like an eternity since she was in my belly.

She just fills a void in our family we never realized we had. Kennedy is happy to hang out and play with her toys if Madison is having a needy day, and quietly sits with Mommy or Daddy when he are winding down at night. Her cries are few and far between, and she is sleeping fairly regularly. Mommy gets 5-6 hours at night before Kennedy wakes up for a snack.
She LOVES her new toy (one Mommy forgot we had from Madison) and cranes her neck to see all the attachments.

Sometimes she plays so quietly she just falls asleep. No crying. Thats not to say she NEVER cries but it just doesn't happen much. Lately, when she gets upset and cries it sounds like, Mmm, MMmaa. Guess she's already figured out who to call for. tee hee

Though she prefers being on her back to her tummy, she is SO close to rolling over. Her little body is always twisted with her opposite knee almost to the floor.
She is still enjoying her built in toys (those fabulous hands) and particularly likes putting them in her mouth (as you see in previous posts too).

Her drooling has increased and she is showing signs of teething, though we can't feel any teeth poking thru the gums yet.
About a week ago she found her tongue. She rolls it around her mouth and chews on it with her gums. It's funny to watch as her little mouth moves and lips smack (another of her favorite things).

Kennedy weighs 15 lbs and is 24 inches long. She's still wearing 6 mo clothes but is almost out of the 6 mo sleepers. She is just SO long! She still loves being swaddled in her special Miracle Blanket like a burrito and is nursing like a pro.

She is particularly fond of her sling and likes Mommy to carry her around in it everywhere.

She spends most of her day watching her goofy sister prance, dance, and sing around the house.

Last night she found Sierra, too.

Now we are gearing up for Kennedy's first holiday season...Thanksgiving here we come!
Oh, and all these fabulous shots- no they are not hard to get. She shines these fabulous smiles ALL the time. We just can't get enough!!

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