Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kennedy is Two Months old!

OK, she is 10 weeks now. Time is really flying!

On October 29th, Kennedy had her two month appointment. She weighed 13.5 lbs and was 23.5 inches long! The nurse tried to put these measurements on the 4 month part of the chart. She forgot how old Kennedy was because she is so BIG! Kennedy is almost off the charts for both weight and height. Dr Pattan was so impressed at how Kennedy is tracking things with her eyes and grabbing everything with her hands. Of course, she was excited to see Kennedy's beautiful smile and how animated and vocal she is. Dr Pattan says we are in big trouble when Kennedy really starts talking. She thinks Kennedy will be even more of a talker than Madison! Is that even POSSIBLE?! The doctor also pointed out how much bigger Kennedy's fabulous thighs are than our other chunky monkey's were at this age.

Kennedy is still in her size one diapers, but quickly approaching size 2. She is already in 6 month clothing! She tracks everything now, showing us how her eye sight is improving. Kennedy loves when someone talks to her. She smiles and coos like crazy! Her little sounds are so sweet. Madison loves trying to tickle her sister and is very quick to make sure Kennedy has a toy in her carrier whenever we leave the house.

Kennedy grabs hold of everything these days. She has quite a grip, too! We have to peel her fingers off our shirts to pass her from one parent to the other. She likes holding onto her clothes, too. The other day she kept pulling her denim dress up over her head- good thing she had a onsie on underneath so wasn't flashing the world! Her little feet and legs are always moving. When we cover her up, it takes her less than a minute to kick her blanket off...every time. She thinks it's great fun to kick it off and have one of us put it back, just for her to kick it off again.

She loves to be held close and enjoys the sling when the girls are out and about at the park or hanging around the house.

Kennedy is looking forward to meeting her paternal grandparents in two short weeks!

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