Saturday, November 01, 2008


This year we started our Halloween festivities with dinner. Madison helped Mommy make 'Crunchy Monster Fingers' aka french fried onion chicken tenders. When Mommy offered Madison a bite she declined and advised 'no monster fingers....too scary!'. What a crack up! When Daddy got home, the girls got dressed and we headed outside to get a few pics with the pumpkins. Madison wanted nothing to do with this little photo session. She pitched a fit because she was told we were going to Kate and Caroline's house to trick or treat and she thought she was missing out. We snapped a few pics, (Daddy was sure to get plenty of Madison's fit) then loaded up in the car with our Halloween cupcakes and drove a couple miles to the Briggs's. Scott is another one of our friend's who grows giant pumpkins. He takes great pride in his plants and works with them everyday during growing season. The fruits of his labor are GREAT. This year his largest pumpkin reached 1,110 and took home first place in a Southern California competition. He had a crowd at the pumpkin all night after appearing in the local newspaper and an LA wide tv news report.
Shortly after arriving at the house, we took off with the kids to trick or treat. Madison was a trooper, keeping up with the bigger kids all night. It wasn't until after we hit the last house she decided she was done walking. Daddy carried her on his shoulders the short walk back to the Briggs's. Kennedy enjoyed being held by lots of friends at the house and on our trick or treat walk. Ultimately she ended up in the sling with Mommy taking a short nap while Madison practiced her manners...'Trick or Treat', get candy, 'Thank you'. Most people thought she was a boy...guess the piggie tails, butterfly chaps, pink boots, and bow on her hat didn't give away her gender.
Madison enjoyed trick or treating, then playing inside with her friends. Both girls were troopers and well behaved until we headed home a little after 11pm. Madison didn't want Halloween to end and stayed up snuggling with Mommy on the couch until 12:15am! Whew- long night! Every day since she asks if we are going trick or treating. It's going to be a long year!!!
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