Monday, November 17, 2008

Pink Tree

Friday, our friend Jen came to visit for a few hours. She is pregnant (and super cute!) and wanted to borrow some of Mommy's cutie maternity clothes. We were excited to see her and play for a few hours. Daddy has known Jen and her husband since middle school! She brought some special treats for the girls, including a 4 ft pink sparkly Christmas tree for the girls. Madison calls it "Madison's Mismis tree with sprinkles". Today Grandma Shemenski and Mommy got some pink and purple sparkly ornaments for the tree. Madison danced around the house with ornaments on her arms, hung them all over her kitchen, rocking chair...then on her tree.

Madison also fell in love with Charlie Brown and Snoopy just before Halloween with Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. So, Mommy got a special Peanuts shirt for Madison. As you can see, she insisted on wearing it tonight. It was a fun night- the beginning of Christmas at the Shemenskis!

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