Saturday, November 08, 2008

Best $1 I ever spent!

Today the girls and I went to the new Babies R Us/Toys R Us combo in Porter Ranch for the Grand Opening event. Kennedy got a couple new outfits for the winter time (Thank you, Nana!). They were having killer deals on clothes and toys, but nothing we really couldn't live without. We met up with Caleb and Ryan's Mommy, Mindy and headed next door to Walmart. They had a few special guests for the day...Mr Oreo, and Mr Peanut, passing out snacks at the front door. We wandered thru the store getting a few more ideas for Christmas when they made an announcement over the loud speaker....'All remaining Halloween items are $1'. The girls and I meandered over just in time to pick up one of the last remaining cool costumes. It's a 4-6x, but Madison will happily enjoy growing into it.
As soon as we got home the dress up queen HAD to wear it. She spent 30 minutes running around our very small house yelling, 'yee haw, giddy up, go unicorn, yippee!' before deciding she needed a break. She wore the costume just over an hour, then decided she needed to 'be Snow White'. That lasted a short time and now the 'horsie outfit' is back on.
I'm convinced this is the best $1 I ever spent!

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