Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kids say the funniest things

Madison has been cracking us up lately with the things she says.
Here are some of our favorites:
-When we rock Madison at night we sing to her. Recently I was singing one of her favorite lullabies and she stopped me, "No, no, no das not a good song, how bout...twinkle widdle staw". I almost fell out of the chair!
-A week ago, after everyone was up, bathed, dressed, and happy Madison went back to her bed and asked to be covered up. She laid in bed and said, "Madison's bed" then pointed to the crib, "Kennedy's bed", then pointed to the glider, "Mommy Rocks". Yes folks...Mommy Rocks!
-When she finds something interesting in the other room we need to see she says, "Wuk Daddy (or Mommy)", then reaches for a hand and leads us down the hall, "Come on, Daddy- I show you".
-A few weeks back I asked Matt for his Christmas list and he said, 'More money'. We didn't think Madison even had a clue what we were talking about, but she ran in the other room, grabbed her cash register, opened it, pulled out pretend coins and took them to Matt saying, "Here you go, Daddy".
-Yesterday she started calling me Miss Mommy. I call her Miss Madison, so now she calls me Miss Mommy. Seems fair.

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