Sunday, November 23, 2008

Griffith Park

November 19th (Kennedy's 3 month b-day) Daddy, Mommy, Madison, Kennedy and Grandma and Grandpa headed down to Griffith Park in LA to play for the day. After a small fit from Madison (who wanted to sit NEXT to her carseat, instead of in it) we loaded up in the rental mini van and headed south.

We pulled into the park and immediately stopped to ride the ponies...

Which Madison thought was SO cool!

Then Madison, Grandma and Grandpa rode the train

While Kennedy hung out in her sling

Grandpa thought it was fun to take video of Daddy taking video of him...silly.

Then we drove further into the park to see the Travel Town Railroad museum. Railroad companies from all over the United States donated old locomotives, passenger cars, and other fun train memorabilia- and we got to touch...

and climb on them.

Madison, Daddy, and Grandpa started playing

while Mommy, Kennedy, and Grandma took a break. After Kennedy's 'snack' she was all smiles

We all met up for more playing

(choo, choo)

and spinning.

Then loaded back up and drove to the Gene Autry Cafe for lunch.

Then back to the front of the park for more pony rides and

one last train ride with Daddy.

It was a near perfect day, until Madison tripped on her way to the ponies and skinned her little knees. This was the first time Mommy experienced more than a little scratch (we are talking a chunk of knee scraped off!) so it was traumatic for both of us.

After a quick clean up and bandaids on both knees, a hug from Daddy and the ponies made it all better.

We attempted a picture of Mommy and the girls before we left, but Madison was OVER it! Which Kennedy thought was strange, and I thought was hilarious!

Both girls conked out on the way home

(though Kennedy was NOT happy about the stop and go traffic in the beginning).

All and all it was a wonderful day!

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