Sunday, August 15, 2010


4 years ago, at this very time we piled carefully into the car, and began our journey to Simi Valley Adventist Hospital to meet our little Peanut.
Journey, I say loosely. What felt like a trip across Texas was truly a ten minute, albeit bumpy (did I mention we drove up and over railroad tracks, too?!) ride to the hospital.
After slowly laboring all day, the contractions were beyond comfort and coming with little break. It was time to turn it over to the professionals.
Today, four years later, I lay (or is it lie? people lie, things lay? get the point) snuggled next to Daddy at the Sheraton Anaheim on our annual....birthday celebration at Disneyland.
Our little Peanut is tucked into her very own queen size bed, wearing her special new winged pjs...she thinks she is Tinkerbell. Just before she fell asleep she said she would dream of being a wishing star. Did I mention we watched the nightly Disneyland castle fireworks from our room again? Slightly different view, magical just the same.
Where is birthday girl number 2? Completely conked out in her pack-n-play at the foot of Madison’s giant princess bed.
Even in sleep, you can feel the anticipation of tomorrow’s adventures in the air!
Happy Birthday my big four year old! From the second you entered our lives, you’ve held my heart.

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