Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cookies and Green for Luck

July 29 the girls donned their aprons and took to the kitchen.
We made 3 batches of cookies from scratch, funfetti cookies, and a box of ghiradelli brownies just for good measure...
why? well Daddy said his team needed some luck at work.
Unfortunately, the wind over turned our lucky treats- boo, you wind.
We had fun none the less.
First up- mixing the funfetti batter, plopping it on our baking stones, and waiting for the sprinkly goodness to cool.
Then it was time to frost

Some frosting went on the cookies, some went in the mouth

Overall the girls did a marvelous job on their cookies (with a little help from Madison's lamb)

As they were frosting, Mommy made the first of 3 from scratch batters- triple chocolate goey cookies. When all the funfetti cookies (and the girls' mouths) were covered in frosting, the little helpers got to sample the first warm out of the oven triple chocolate yumminess.

Mommy wrapped up cookie baking morning while the girls played through the house, then is was clean up, lunch, and nap time.
After naps we resumed the busy day out front in the sandbox.

Aren't the girls just too cute when they match?
I was meant to be the momma of twins I tell ya!

Apparently, Kennedy had an itch on the bottom of her foot and found a coordinating sand toy to remedy the problem.

Madison quickly moved from the sandbox to the top of the picnic table.

It was tough to resist not snapping a few shots of this grown up face.

She was such a ham for the camera, but I didn't mind.
Seriously, where did this PRESCHOOLER come from?!

'Look at my belly, Mommy'

'Do you see it if I stretch really big?'

Meanwhile, Kennedy oblivious to Madison's antics, enjoyed some intense, solo sand time.

Ever the serious child...

Madison begged the camera return to her belly for an extreme close-up (she loves to look at the picture immediately after it's taken- what child doesn't? or any girl for that matter!)

Time certainly does whiz by

when you stop to enjoy the little moments,

share in each others discoveries,

and remember to love

every little minute

the end.

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