Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thankgiving 2008

This was Kennedy's first Thanksgiving. What a great Thanksgiving it was.

We started the day by watching the Macy's parade. Madison LOVED the big balloons and fun floats.
While the parade was going in the living room, Daddy was playing with Tom the Turkey in the kitchen.

Kennedy was being cute. She started the day in her Thanksgiving onsie (seen in previous posts) but ended that quickly with an early morning diaper accident.

Every year Daddy does the turkey and Mommy makes everything else.
We are a good team.
This year Madison helped Mommy in the kitchen.
She had to wear her 'person', aka apron.

At one point she went missing. Anyone who has seen our house is laughing right now.
How does a 2 yr old go missing in 1,000 sqr feet of house? She doesn't
She can't get out of the house, but my heart always sinks when she doesn't answer right away and stays quiet behind doors.
She thinks it's great fun to hide.
I went from room to room searching for her.

When I found her in the girls' bathroom she looked at me as she grabbed a towel and said, 'Hi Mommy, I washing my hands'. Could she be any cuter with her purse over her shoulder and her apron. Guess she felt her hands were not clean enough to play with her toys.
Mommy decided to use up orange, black, and white Halloween marshmellow ghosts for the sweet potatoes this year.

Madison admired the turkey with Daddy when it came out of the oven.

Mommy made yummy giblet gravy.

She stirred

and stirred (like her Grandma Lackey taught her)

until it was JUST right.

Daddy carved the 22.40 lbs of turkey- (no we were not feeding an army- just us- don't ask!)

and it was time to eat

Kennedy fell asleep on Mommy's lap during dinner/lunch (what do you call a 3:30pm meal?)

Madison was great right up until we sat down.
She threw a huge fit and hid under the table for most of the meal.

When all was said and done Daddy rocked a screaming Madison to sleep while Mommy took a cat nap with the wonderful, sweet Kennedy (can you tell who won the child of the day award?)

Most of all this Thanksgiving we are thankful for our beautiful, healthy girls, our family, and all the blessings God continues to bestow upon us each and every day!

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