Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Black Friday

Mommy and Kennedy got up and left the house at 5am for Kennedy's first Black Friday shopping experience.

Mommy used to go with Gramm every year early Friday morning to see what all the greatest deals of the year were.
It was so fun to get our box of cracker jacks or special ornament with percentage off coupons inside at the department stores.
Mommy is so lucky to have TWO girls to share this mother-daughter tradition.

Daddy stayed home (in bed) with Madison while Mommy and Kennedy met up with Mindy at Walmart and Toys R Us. It was a zoo and fairly unfruitful for us, fun none the less.

We made it home in time to get Madison dressed in her special Charlie Brown t-shirt and piggie tails, get Daddy off to work, and head to the Oaks mall. We walked and looked around at all the crazy shoppers.
Madison played at the fantastic indoor play place.

The entire time we were at the mall she said, 'Wuk Mommy, see the bear, see the bear'. Well I did NOT see the bear and thought she was crazy....until we were walking back toward the car and stopped to nurse Kennedy.

Madison pointed to the Build-a-Bear sign (which we conveniently stopped in front of) and said, 'SEEEE Mommy- the BEAR!'. Since she was such a great sport on her first REAL black friday experience (she spent her very first one in a baby bjorn in Florida when we met up with Daddy and Uncle Daniel who spent the night at Best Buy- crazy!), we went in to look around.

Did you know you can build a bear (or other animal) for as little at $10?! It's all the accessories that make it crazy expensive.

Mommy let Madison pick from a few of the basic 'bears' and make one to take home. She chose the orange kitty and named it 'Hello', just like her special bandaids. 'See the kitty Mommy? her name Hewwo.'

She told me she loved her kitty and hasn't left it out of her sight since we made it.

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