Friday, December 05, 2008

First discussion

Today was my first REAL discussion with a two year old.

It went like this:

Madison: "Mommy, watch too-v"

Mommy: "You want to watch TV?"

Madison: (in a louder voice with annoyed look on her face) "No Mommy, watch TOOOO-VEE"

Mommy: "What?! TV?"

Madison: (louder voice and getting closer to my face and using hand motions) "Mommy TOOOOO VEEEE, wif da mouse, in da bottom of da bowl and da sawad (aka salad)"

Mommy: (with sudden clarity) "OHHHH!! You want to watch Ratatouille? With the mouse?"

Madison: (full of excitement and jumping up and down) "yea Mommy TOOO VEEE, TOOO VEEE, TOOOOOOOO VEEEE".

By the time I grabbed the movie we were both laughing at our exchange and Kennedy was looking at us like we were both crazy.

The hilariousness of this discussion was only furthered by the fact that Madison had this goofy hat on!
The first of many silly discussions to come.

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