Friday, October 30, 2009

While Madison naps, Kennedy...

well...Kennedy is just too stinking cute.
While Madison napped today, Kennedy and Mommy played in the front yard.

She wanted to wear her pumpkin hat AND a big flower headband at the same time

She was extra animated, too!

We just love all these faces and expressions

Feel free to kiss the screen (tough to resist isn't it?)

She is quite interested in the polka dot pumpkin

mostly picking it up
and putting her fingers in each

and every hole

When she finally lost interest in the pumpkin- it was time to play with Madison's trike

then pull the decorative pumpkin stakes out

she was a busy girl

and so full of funny faces!

This one was just to show how incredibly long her hair is getting!

Madison had peach fuzz at this age (so did Mommy and Daddy)

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