Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daddy's New Friend

We live in the desert.
Sometimes we find not so subtle reminders of this fact.
Example: Matthew's new friend

Matthew keeps a sweatshirt or jacket out front to throw on when he goes out to smoke a cigar.
Evenings are chilly here.
Apparently several days passed between Matthew's evening/weekend cigar time and this little guy decided to make a home of one of Matt's sleeves.
Luckily, Matthew always shakes out his jackets before he puts them on (note to self: start shaking out jackets- better yet- don't leave them outside in the first place!)

Of course, I was NOT a fan of the lizard.
Matthew insisted on proving the harmless nature of this little guy

by gently picking him up and moving him to the rose bushes.

He says this guy is a baby.
You mean his parents could be lurking?!
(I'm still not a fan!)

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