Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wagon: Party of 2

Yep- Kennedy is big enough to ride in the wagon with Madison now.
She's been sitting up so strong since Christmas- we probably could have tried this a long time ago.
None the less, their first official wagon ride down the street was March, 15th- Gramm's birthday.
It was just before dinner time (we went to Lalo's with Uncle Dan and Daddy- Mmmmm) and Daddy was working on the jeep so the girls went for a ride.

It was just a little chilly so we had to bundle up. We found Madison's purple hat from 2 Christmas's ago in the RV. Now it's like new again to her!

Then, we rode around the backyard on the 19th (Kennedy's 7 month birthday!).\
The 19th was also the first day we had 2 baths and 3 clothing changes before lunch time.
Kennedy had a rather large diaper blow out right after we got dressed for the morning (from outfit #1 to bath to outfit #2),
then we played in the sandbox for a little while

and Kennedy tasted her first sand

She was a little unsure about it

Then we had a bath in the sink to get all the wet sand off (slobber plus sand equals big mess)

and into outfit #3 for our wagon ride.

I see lots of wagon rides in our Spring/Summer adventures!

(Look at all these fantastic rolls and dimples!!)
PS Note all the cutie hats! Kennedy has so many cute hand me down hats from Miss Madison, and a few new ones, too! We have to do something to keep silly people from thinking she is a boy!

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Chad and Sarah said...

I loved those pictures! I thought- I need a wagon with seat belts! Those are just so precious. I can't believe how big they've gotten.....
XOXO, Sarah