Thursday, March 05, 2009

Noah's 2nd B-day

Sunday, February 15th we helped Noah celebrate his 2nd birthday.
He had a special fireman party.
Noah loves to stop by the fire station down the street from his house and talk to the REAL firemen and see the cool fire trucks so it was a natural theme choice!
All the kids had fun running around and playing.

Madison even helped Noah decide to break into his presents early. Oops!
They each unwrapped one before Noah's Nana caught them.
Mommy and Angie were working on food in the kitchen.

It is still surprising how much mischief kids still manage with a house full of adults!
Madison was happy to sing along when it was time for Noah's cool cupcake birthday cake.
He blew out the candles

and went out to the picnic table
to share his treats with Madison and his friend Gracie.

Kennedy enjoyed visiting during the party, too.

Especially meeting Noah's Grampie for the first time. He was her special buddy.

She fell asleep in his arms- which was just awful for him (wink, wink).

After opening presents
(well, the ones Madison didn't help break into earlier!),

Angie busted out the fire hats for all the kids!

After the party wound down and everyone went home Madison and Noah watched a movie,
Kennedy played with a truck.
then Noah's Grammie and Grampie (who came down from Washington) gave him his new trike!

Noah and Madison had so much fun pedaling back and forth on the landing with Grampie's help.

We are not sure who had more fun- the kids or Grampie!
Next was time for Madison's first bath time party!
Madison and Noah had lots of fun splashing and playing together.

The only 'what's that' question that came up was in reference to the special ear plugs Noah has to wear when he's in the water since he had his tube surgery.

Noah let Madison borrow some pjs, then the two climbed into Noah's big boy bed with books and stuffed animals to pretend to sleep.

They were like an old married couple.
They cuddled down under the sheets pretending to snore. Then threw off the covers, sat up with a start yelling 'Awake!'. Then Madison would yell at Noah and tell him 'No, no' whenever he wasn't playing the way she wanted. What a bossy kid she is!

After a little more time on the trike, it was time for big kids to go to bed.
Madison started meltdown around 8pm-not bad for no nap.
All and all it was a great day.
We are so lucky to have great friends like the Steads here to share in special times.

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