Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 months today

Kennedy is officially 7 months today!

I've said it countless times before, but WHEW time is flying.
Kennedy is now wearing 9 month or 12 month clothing (depending on the store- why can't they all fit the same?!) and size 3 diapers. She moved into bigger diapers a few months ago, but the size 3s just seemed a little too large. Did you know Pampers makes an in between size called 2-3? We happily put Kennedy in those for a while. Now she is officially in size 3 Pampers CRUISERS!
No, she is not quite cruising yet but getting awfully close. When we sit her down she almost immediately leans forward to get down on her belly now. She prefers her tummy and likes to scoot backwards and push up to her knees.
No more 'girl push-ups',

she picks up her bottom now and gets all the way up to the crawl position.
In the last couple weeks she started pushing up and rocking back and forth.
We discovered something about our little girl this week. Mommy went to get her haircut and left Daddy in charge of the girls. Kennedy was quite content to play by herself the entire time Mommy was gone. No noise, no fuss. The second I walked in the door she put out her bottom lip and started crying. Much like her sister at this age, Kennedy is a Mamas girl! If she can see, hear...even smell me- she wants me. Last Saturday afternoon Kennedy and I went to see my friend Darcy's daugher Alyssa's gymnastics meet. Same thing happened. Kennedy was fine to sit with anyone, as long as Mommy wasn't near by. If she saw me across the gym she cried. How do we remedy this?
Kennedy is talking more, too. She goes from making these little sweet sounds when she first wakes up, to making loud screaming sounds throughout the day. When she starts to get upset she pushes her lips together and starts with, "Mmmmm...MMMmmm..MMMmaaaaa...MMmmmaaaaaaaMMMMM". I'm convinced she is trying to say Mommy since she hears Madison say it constantly throughout the day.
We've had a busy few months.

(she's a little confused about how the plastic hammer works)
From playdates,
to birthday parties,

to kids club,

to the pool,

the sandbox,

and riding in the wagon with her big sister...

Kennedy is one busy girl.

Now we are gearing up for a long trip to FL to visit Mommy's side of the family. Gramm has lots of fun plans including Disney, Sea World, and the beach. Hope there are some naps scheduled, too!
Kennedy is still taking a 30-40 minute nap a couple hours after she wakes up in the morning, another nap when/if we run errands around lunch time, 2 hour nap when Madison naps (yes, she is still sleeping ON Mommy for this one- so I'm not getting a whole lot done during the day), then bedtime around 8:30. She is not a super scheduled baby (nor was her sister) which is nice because we can be flexible with our daily plans. If her wonderful big sister wakes her up just after she goes down for the night, she is content to stay awake and play for a while and go down again when Madison does around 9:30pm.
Her favorite daily activites include laughing/smiling at her big sister and playing with her tongue. Whether she is sucking on her tongue, smacking her lips, or sticking out her tongue and blowing (think na-ni-na-ni boo, boo...or the 'farting' sound)- she LOVES her tongue.
As for food, Kennedy went from eating 2-2 1/2 containers of baby food a day at 6 months to only eating about half a container now. She decided she prefers to mostly nurse again. She's still gaining weight like a champ so we aren't worried. Luckily the pantry full of baby food won't go bad for a long time!
Look for pics from the last few months as I catch up our posts.

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