Monday, August 20, 2007

One year old ALREADY

Madison turned one year old on August 16th. It's tough to believe this big girl is the same little angel we brought home from the hospital. She walks, talks, giggles, signs, hugs, kisses, explores...our little girl has grown so much. Her vocabulary now includes, Mama, Dada (neither of which she uses much anymore), bird, dog, baby, and Uh-oh. We decided to teach her sign language as an alteranate form of communicating with us. Her first sign was bird. Now she signs milk to nurse and more when she wants another bite of yummy food. Just before her first birthday she started saying Uh-oh anytime she dropped something or fell over. She makes the cutest face when she says it. SHe hold the oh part and stretches her face so long. For the last several months she won't go anywhere without her 'jewelry' so we invested in a few more beaded necklaces for her birthday. It's hilarious to watch her dig around for them and put one on her neck before she gets up and goes.

Although she is developing quickly, she hasn't gained much weight. Staying steady at 21 lbs now. The doctor isn't worried about her growth so neither are we. Those chunky legs keep getting longer and longer though and there is no sign of that nice round belly leaving us any time soon. Madison still loves nursing with Mommy in between her big meals and is wearing 12 month clothes now.

She loves her big girl food and now prefers to feed herself. She tolerates being spoon fed but prefers bite size pieces she can hold put in her mouth herself. One of her favorite eating time activites is pushing things over the edge of the highchair to share with Sierra. Needless to say Madison and Sierra are becoming great friends. Sierra tolerates Madison climbing on her since she is so generous with her food and snacks. Sierra is more than willing to share pieces of her dog biscuits too. It's pretty sweet to watch Madison toddle over to Sierra and put her head down next to her. Soon enough this dynamic duo will make lots of trouble, I'm sure.
The last month she is growing and changing so much. We enjoy watching her discover how new toys work and learn to perfect her new walking ability. Lately she thows her arms up and practically runs around the house she's moving so fast. She just toddles with her arms up above her head, giggling the whole time. It's not always fun and games though. Miss Madison is learning to throw temper tantrums. She arches her back and throws her head back if she is unhappy with you. Best of all, when she gets really upset she walks around in a big circle then lays on the ground or dramatically throws her head back to lean against the sofa. We are learning to ignore the occasional tantrums in the hopes they will cease. Needless to say, one of the new signs we are working on is 'Stop'.
Back to fun...We found out Madison enjoys swinging. The day before her birthday Mommy and Madison went to the park to play with Spencer and Megan Snee. Spencer and Madison had so much fun swinging together. One of our favorite new things are her hugs. Madison walks right up to each of us and hugs our legs then looks up and smiles. When we are sitting down she will crawl into our laps and snuggle with us. What could be better for a Mommy and Daddy? Such a precious gift!

Click for photos of the past month.

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